My musical performance emerges from all that I’ve experienced and learned from a life immersed in music. I’ve been a cathedral organ scholar (at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin) and a member of Anúna (Ireland’s National Choir); have formed a number of ensembles including Albion, FW & Friends, and The Rivelin Singers; made music across Europe (including live on the BBC, in caves and breweries, at leading festivals, in great cathedrals, and extensively on record including with wonderful Apollo5); played and sung with and for thousands of people; and through all this grown a way of making music that I believe to be authentic, holistic, joyful, and meaningful.

If  you’re interested in where, what, and with whom I’m performing, please make contact, or keep an eye on my Twitter where I tend to talk about such things.

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Not that seasonal now, but here’s a little festive film I made:

ALBION was the most incredible vehicle for my music-making mission; below are some samples of what we achieved together.

Albion Underground at Peak Cavern, cr Jonathan Pow

Plus here’s an arrangement I did for my friends at Vivacity Choir of a timeless classic song: