Here’s my ‘musical manifesto’, which informs everything I do! I will keep adding to it as new things arise.

I believe that: 

– audiences and performers are “all in it together”; there need be no barrier between the two, nor within one or the other.
– there should be no hierarchy between children & young people, voluntary, and professional music-makers. We are all just music-makers.
– misused or misunderstood, conductors and sheet music can inhibit and obstruct the paths to true music-making – so my mission is to reverse that.
– we can make a space so that the unsayable can be said and felt, and each of us can lean in to create a special shared experience.
– music-making is something we do with the voice, but also with the whole body, the mind, the heart and the soul, everything around us, and the whole world. To be connected to all these is heaven; to lose them is the opposite.
– individuals within a group are all equally responsible, perceptive, unique, and important. We can realise this through music and then live it in our lives.
– singing in groups is the key to everything. We can be endlessly inventive, open, aware…
– it is full of joy – but music is not just about joy, it is about enabling deeper and fuller access to ALL the things, to going further on into yourself and into the world. Music holds all the emotions and wishes and realities and dreams of life.
– beauty must be at the heart of all music-making, and all of life.
– music is the greatest way I know to discover and express yourself more deeply than you thought possible. It can change lives and move mountains.

As well as performing all over the shop – most frequently at the moment as a pianist-for-hire and with my new ensemble Fraser Wilson and Friends – I’m lucky to spend a lot of my time working with groups and individuals in what I think is best called ‘shared discovery’.

People invite me in to facilitate a session – either a usual rehearsal or a special occasion -in which everything is on the table; preconceptions and habits are broken down; new ideas are considered; and everyone is liberated to make music more wholeheartedly and confidently than before. We start from what people bring and find a way of working with and through it.

“Thank you for the fantastic session; it was so refreshing and invigorating and the whole hour just slipped by in a moment. I love that it gave us so much to think about, and that it dealt with an aspect of our practice that had slipped from our minds. It was such a pleasure to be so focused and engaged. It was a joy!”   — Vivacity member

Whether I’m working (as recently) with Doncaster Choral Society, Sheffield Folk Chorale, Sinsontes, Vivacity, or anyone else, we all learn and find new and unexpected things each time. If you are interested in this, I warmly invite you to make contact and we can discuss how best we can collaborate.