As well as being a Music Maker, I also have another life ‘behind the scenes’, working both professionally and voluntarily on all kinds of facilitating, management, and consultancy in various art forms.

I was privileged to work for 7 years at England’s leading chamber-music promoter Music in the Round as Learning & Participation Manager, leading a step-change in the importance of L&P and producing all kinds of pioneering projects including Bridge, Schubert in Schools, and the specialism in Early Years – as well as contributing to South Yorkshire’s musical life and supporting its young musicians.

In Sheffield I also co-founded and led in various ways the Classical Sheffield movement, bringing thousands of Music Makers together with new and existing audience members to cause a substantial and lasting shift in the city’s cultural life.

I now work at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival – specifically for Festival Bridge, funded by Arts Council England to radically improve cultural education for the 560,000 children and young people in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough, and Suffolk.

Plus I always find myself running and helping out with all kinds of things – most recently the Crescendo festival in Suffolk (featuring the BBC’s Zeb Soanes). I have done all kinds of consultancy, advising, and general supporting, including with The Montgomery, Vivacity Choir, Hallam Choral Society, and many others – always aiming to work with people’s strengths, identify challenges and opportunities, and support them to crack on and make a difference. Call on me if you think I can be useful to you!