Please follow this link if you would like to buy copies of my music.

My music emerges from everything I do and experience, often responding to spaces and people, much of it based on existing texts or tunes, always rooted in the exploration of beauty and the intent to add something different and worthwhile to the world.

Wishes: “a mellifluous composition in which the even-paced wandering of folk-like melody is supported by a smooth cushion occasionally made piquant by text-illuminating harmonic twists” – Claire Seymour,

I’m Associate Composer of Apollo5, and three of my pieces feature on their new release, O Radiant Dawn, which is flying high in the classical charts. We’re brewing new music and new projects as our partnership continues.

The music of the choral group Albion, and the subsequent spin-off Songs & Stories of Albion, all composed/arranged by me, has been heard by thousands of people and praised for its beauty, ethereal intricacy, and power to move.

I’ve been commissioned by people all over the world, including Fair Oriana, for whom I composed this simple piece amongst others, choral groups, wedding couples, string quartets, singers, and loads of others. I love working with musicians and commissioners to create just the right thing.

I’m working on a full interactive catalogue of my works; it will appear here soon.

I’m also working on a long-term project to set the whole psalter to Anglican chant, as demonstrated here… I’ve set about half of it so far. If you’d like to help me out by being a guinea pig or contributing chants, or to buy copies of the settings I’ve done so far, please contact me!